Disclaimer:  Due to the commercially sensitive nature of many of our projects, specific project descriptions will be held until they are completed.



GTA, Southwestern Ontario, Northern Ontario

Industry Emission Reduction

Industries in Ontario emit more than 46 million tCO2e annually and include crucial sectors of our economy such as steel, cement, mining, refineries and power generation.  We are working with industry leaders in key sectors to integrate electrolysers into their processes to not only improve their operations but in the process set the gold standard for their industry globally.

Southwestern Ontario

Fuel-cell Vehicle Manufacturing

Working with industry leaders in hydrogen technology and vehicle manufacturing several projects are under development that will see numerous vehicle types use hydrogen fuel-cells to replace traditional internal combustion engines.  These vehicles are not commercially available (yet) and will put Ontario at the forefront of Zero-Emission Vehicle Manufacturing.


Municipal Emission Reduction

One of the largest sources of emissions a municipality has come for their transit operations.  We are working with municipalities in the GTA to help them examine the benefits of Zero-Emission Battery-Fuel cell hybrid buses.

Northern Ontario

Rural and Remote Northern Communities

Many of Ontario’s Rural and Remote communities currently use diesel and diesel generators as a source of power.  This diesel is expensive to bring in and plague the communities with health issues.  7GFUEL, working with First Nations in Ontario, is developing projects that provide energy autonomy to these communities.

Midwestern Ontario

Seasonal Geologic Storage

A R&D project to study whether the pinnacle reef is capable of storing hydrogen.  The project proposes to store hydrogen in a depleted natural gas well to see if these geologic structures can hold hydrogen the same way they hold natural gas.  If proven, vast quantities of hydrogen could be stored geologically allowing for seasonal storage of energy.